1001 Chemicals in Everyday Products
Second Edition!

By Grace Ross Lewis


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What everyone should know about hundreds of chemicals used in today's products..

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What chemicals are in your food?1001 Chemicals in Everyday Products is an informative and easy-to-use guidebook which covers a wide range of chemicals in common household products, from food, cosmetics, and cleaning products to gardening and car care products. Here is detailed information on uses, product / chemical synonyms, and important safety precautions. Designed for speedy reference to vital facts, this book is an understandable and essential reference to chemicals you are exposed to every day!

What chemicals are you exposed to in your garage, basement?Olestra in fat-free snacks, aldicarb on potatoes, PCBs in electrical components...   There is a virtual laboratory of chemicals in the food we eat and the products we encounter every day - at home, at school, and at work.  What are these substances and how are they used?  How are they helpful?  Can they be harmful?

Here are fast, hands-on answers to these and other crucial questions about hundreds of chemical substances we come into contact with on a regular basis.  From MSG in food to perchloroethylene in dry cleaning, this A-Z guide provides clear, no-nonsense information on the use and health effects of hundreds of chemicals found in food, medicines, cosmetics, cleaning solutions, lawn and garden products, and more!

What chemicals are in your lipstick?Well-organized and easy to use, this book gives you the help you need to make smarter choices about the products you use - for yourself and your family.

Inside you'll find:

  • Entries listing products, uses, precautions and synonyms
  • Direct answers to over 250 frequently asked questions on everyday chemicals
  • Handy product and chemicals synonym indexes
  • A nationwide listing of Poison Control Centers

In today’s health-conscious society, thank goodness many of our favorite foods come in light and low-fat varieties, and some taste just like the originals. How can low-fat taste as good? Because of chemicals.

What chemicals are in your cereal?The much-publicized chemical Olestra, used in some potato chips, offers a great example. It sounds like the answer to all our prayers, doesn’t it? It’s not that simple. Olestra is not digestible. It passes through the body without adding fat or calories to the food. And as with all chemicals, some people may be allergic to it. Olestra also inhibits the absorption of some vitamins and other nutrients, and it may cause side effects such as abdominal cramping. It is FDA approved but only for snack foods, and all products that contain olestra must be labeled with that information.

How do the chemicals in household sprays effect you?Besides Olestra, Grace Ross Lewis describes many other substances, their consumer-uses, and health effects in the Second Edition of 1001 CHEMICALS IN EVERYDAY PRODUCTS (Wiley; ISBN 0-471-29212-5). The book was written to answer questions about chemicals we come in contact with on a daily basis. It provides information on the uses and health effects of additives and preservatives, pesticides, flavorings, fragrances, pigments and colorants, and other ingredients found in foods, paint, health and beauty products, paper, medicines, fuel, and detergents and cleansers. Lewis also briefly mentions the benefits and hazards of many commonly-used chemicals. 1001 CHEMICALS is designed to help the consumer make informed decisions about the products they use everyday.

Contents of 1001 CHEMICALS include:

    • A toxicity rating chart designed by toxicologists that lists the doses of chemicals and their results.
    • The answers to more than 100 consumer questions about chemicals, taken from questions posed to the author after the first edition of 1001 CHEMICALS was published.
    • An alphabetical list of chemicals, featuring the chemical name, the products that contain the chemical, common uses for the chemical, and the product and chemical synonyms.
    • A consumer-friendly index, containing not only the chemical name, but the terms that are more familiar to us.
    • A nationwide listing of Poison Control Centers.

1001 CHEMICALS IN EVERYDAY PRODUCTS is essentially a chemistry book, but it’s different in that it was written for the non-chemist. Lewis says in the course of researching chemical reference books for professionals in the environmental and occupational health fields, she became curious about how chemicals are in our lives and homes in the form of foods, cosmetics, and cleansers. This book is designed to educate everyone about the chemicals in the products they use and to help them make informed choices.


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Grace Ross Lewis is co-founder and Vice President of Lewis Information Systems, Inc. in Cincinnati Ohio.